Software development, environmental monitoring systems

Our company was born at the end of the eighties and is skilled in the installation and management of monitoring system, especially regarding hydro-meteorological and geotecnical issues.

Costa Concordia wreck monitoring
HMS-METEO || weather stations
HMS-GEO || geotechnical stations
HMS-HYDRO || hydrometric stations
HMS-TDR || TDR monitoring systems
HMS-WEATHER3000 on the roof of Europe
Meteorology Festival

Meteorology Festival

Hortus will be present with an exhibition stand at the Meteorology Festival to be held in Rovereto [TN] on November 11th-12th. On this occasion Mauro Reguzzoni, CEO of Hortus, and the directors of Regulators Consortiums of Big Prealpine Lakes, will present an important development work on the integrated monitoring platform that became a fundamental tool in the management and control of water resources in basin scale. 

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02/08/2016 at SIL2016

Hortus is present with a stand at the International Conference on Limnology hosted at the Lingotto Congress Centre of Turin.

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Geotechnical and structural monitoring of a tunnel

Geotechnical and structural monitoring of a tunnel

Hortus has provided to Tre Esse Engineerig a consulting, design and supply service for the implementation of a complex geotechnical and structural monitoring system with the purpose to control the gallery and the well inside which develops a power transmission line.

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